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Eclipse Prism Medical Devices

Eclipse Prism Medical Devices Company is a leading manufacturer of medical devices in the domain of electrosurgery and surgical lighting in India. Our vision is to deliver world class medical equipment for the developing countries and emerging markets across the world. We want to start by making India self sufficient for its medical device requirement.

We have a 6000 sq ft manufacturing facility, with an additional 2000 sq. ft. space dedicated for design and development.

With 30 years of experience of development and manufacturing of such high tech medical devices, we also offer our expertise via Custom Product Development projects and Contract manufacturing activities for our OEM partner.

More About Us

ISO Certification

All our manufacturing and development facilities are IS0 13485 certified. Our products also have the necessary regulatory approvals for exports. Our product brands are Eclipse, which focuses on electrosurgery and Prism which focuses on surgical lighting and imaging.

Regulatory Certificates

All our products meet the required technical and clinical regulatory standards for most countries. Our primary market is within India, and hence we have focussed on getting the CDSCO certifications for our products.

All New Celesta Series

Lighting is one of the heavenly gifts for Life and Existence in the entire Cosmos: It is Pure, Eternal, Perfect, Divine, Glorious and Beautiful. Celestial lighting is energy moving freely in the entire cosmos, illuminating objects wherever it reaches.

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  • Electrosurgical Workstation

    We are a trustworthy name in the field of electrosurgery since 20 years having large installation base of ESU all over the country. We offer more than five different models of ascending sophistication as per the need as well as vessel sealing system.

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Next Gen Surgical LED Lights

Keeping intact the operational simplicity, trustworthy performance enhancing technology was incorporated and we moved it to Ultra-sophistication and world class standards in ot lights technology.

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  • Modern Surgical Table

    We have experience in operating room integration on all continents. We offers modular operating table, electrically controlled operating table, operating table with electro-hydraulic drive, simple treatment tables.

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Full HD Imaging Solution

Introducing Prism Smart Light with Surgical Cam (SLSC) module - Versatile networking and video conferencing solution for surgical workshops and clinical education. Mobile tool to enable surgeons to conduct video conferencing from within their OTs. The Full HD video feed generated by our SLSC system can be easily integrated with any video conferencing platform by the clinician to conduct a surgical education or workshop event.

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  • Endoscopy Lightsource

    Bright light is a key determinant of image quality. Powerful, high quality light sources are therefore essential for quality endoscopic images. Along with bright light, it is also important to get the right light, with the right optical specification to ensure consistency of images for the operating surgeon. Introducing the all new Envolite by Prism, the perfect partner for your laparoscopic procedures. Envolite by Prism ensures a consistent bright natural lighting effect inside the cavity to give the surgeon the perfect illumination.

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Services we offer

With over 30+ years of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of medical devices, EPMD is now taking independent projects for Custom Product Development and Contract Manufacturing in our area of expertise - Electrosurgery and surgical lighting.

  • Custom Development

    At EPMD, we undertake custom development projects for development of Lighting systems for medical applications. We start by understanding the clinical requirement and coming up with a product concept. With our ISO 13485 certified facility,

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Contract Manufacturing

EPMD has ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified facility that has been manufacturing medical devices for almost 30 years. All product manufactured follow strict protocol as per the Indian CDSCO and European CE guidelines.

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